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satin finish, Paisley shape pendant with flower in satin black oxidised sterling silver - Hallmarked



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Finding a name for this design proved a bit of a problem; is it a curved teardrop? An unusual pear shape, or just a pleasing abstract shape. Eventually someone reminded me that it resembled the paisley shape which derives from a droplet-shaped motif of Persian origin that has been used by the fabric and textile industry for over a century and remains popular to this day.Each pendant starts life as a blank piece of sheet sterling silver, which is then pressed into a concave shape using a hydraulic hand press over a wooden former made by myself. The pressed shape is then hand cut from the blank.The flowers are again cut individually by hand with the centre piece made by melting a piece of silver into a large granule. The individual pieces are then carefully soldered together along with a handmade bail loop for a chain.Various finishes are available and are listed separately. They include:Frosted silverOxidised black satinAn 18\u201d (45cm) chain will normally be supplied as shown but I can provide other lengths, styles, and fasteners if preferred. Often this will be at the same price but if significantly larger or heavier this may incur a small extra cost which I can quote for. Please Convo me to check available options.Hallmarked at the London Assay OfficeTD 54, feminine

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