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Ladybug Box Round Diamond Locket



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This listing is for 1 round, diamond, stainless steel locket and 1 stainless steel necklace or keychain of your choice. Stainless steel will not rust, chip or tarnish. It's like sterling silver but without the upkeep. To add charms and birthstones, see all other listings under "Lockets" to add! This locket can fit about 5 or 7 charms (not birthstones) depending on the charm size. Each charm varies in size depending on what it is.*You will see in the photos above charms that I do not have listed. If you want something specific, please message me BEFORE ordering. If they have it available for ordering, I will order it for you. My charm order goes in every Friday at 9pm EST. Just send me a message!*If you have a question as to if you can add another charm more than the 7, please message me before ordering so I can try them all together to see if they will fit.****IF you are getting a stamped plate, please list under "Note to Seller" what you want stamped on the plate. Please also let me know which font option you want as well (last picture)!

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