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Inspirational Horse Clay Cap Pendant With Coordinating Beadsfaith, Charm and Swarovski Crystal - Shimmery Silver Clay



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The Horse Mafia\u2019s super popular inspirational horse pendant \u2013 NOW available in POLYMER CLAY CAPS! Beautiful colors in shimmery silver, light shabby pink, light shabby blue, shimmery dark blue, lime green, and mint green.\r***This listing is for the SHIMMERY SILVER clay color.***\rSo, now you can have your favorite inspirational quote with a backdrop of a horse in beautiful, very lightweight clay. Each pendant comes with coordinating beads, charm and Swarovski crystal. These pendants are great for horse lovers of all ages! You can give them as gifts or keep them for yourself! ;)\rThis listing is for 1 pendant (SHIMMERY SILVER CLAY) with coordinating beads, charms and Swarovski crystal.\rThis pendant comes on a 24" ball chain that can be easily adjusted for preferred length.\rThis pendant has a water resistant seal but is not waterproof.\r\rAvailable Inspirational Quotes / Sayings:\r \rCowgirl\rStrong\rBelieve\rLaugh\rSmile\rHope\rJoy\rLet's Ride\rFaith\rBlessed\rCherish\rHappy\rDream\rBlessed Cowgirl\rLive Your Dream\rEnjoy the Ride, equine jewelry

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