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abalone necklace, ABALONE ADJUSTABLE Pink NECKLACE on Bronze Metallic Cord easy to wear



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This adjustable necklace is made from rare Red Abalone shell natural pieces we found washed up on the beach 27 years ago along the northern California coast. These are totally natural shaped shells and substantial even though the necklace is not heavy; but light and easy to wear.This BRONZE METALLIC braided cord (made in France) is good quality, soft, beautiful and so comfortable to wear. You can easily adjust the length. The cord slides through the antique copper bead and holds its place wherever you want it.Length (over the head) adjusts to 27 inches long (68.6 cm) and you can shorten to where you want. The short suede strips are BURGANDY RED. Notice the little abalone shell pieces at the ends of the cord.Elements are Abalone shell, antique gold pewter JASMINE FLOWER charm and a antique copper BUTTERFLY charm, Swarovski beads in several shades of pink, Pink Peruvian Opals and antique copper pewter beads.**Note: If you would rather choose a different charm, please pick one from the Double-sided Charms pictured in this listing and let me know when you place your order and I will substitute it.**, adjustable necklace

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