Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

2 feet SS18 (4.3mm) vintage style aqua glass rhinestone chainsewing trim, rhinestone cup chainsewing trim, assemblagesewing trim, collagesewing trim, embellishmentsewing trim, sewing trim



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2 feet SS18 (4.3mm) vintage style aqua glass rhinestone chain, rhinestone cup chain, assemblage, collage, embellishment, sewing trim.I have several different sizes and colors including, but not limited to:SS12Peridotredlight pinkmedium pink/roseI love this rhinestone chain! Perfect for vintage style jewelry & embellishments. 2 feet SS18 (4.3mm) crystal AB rhinestone chain. Excellent for collage, embellishment, sewing trim, bridal trim.This rhinestone chain is very versatile! I use it to frame cameos on my embellished bracelets. I have also cut the linkage between the rhinestones when I need individual set crystals. They give a perfect finished look to your project., assemblage

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