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sterling silver, 3 Ring set Genuine White Sapphire Sterling Silver



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This beautiful SriLankan Sapphire, is just full of life. Very faceted and shiny.This is a 7mm=1.45ct set in sterling silver.The hardness of sapphires are not much different than the hardness of a diamond. And a a fraction of the price!!Diamonds are a 10 and sapphires are a 9.You can get a lot more ROCK for a fraction of the cost!The bands are with 5-3mm white sapphires, all perfectly matched also set in sterling silver.Each band is .55ct each.Both wedding bands and engagement ring are Rhodium Coated for the "white gold" look and lasting shine.Made to fit your ring size.Also sapphires can be set in 14k or 18k white, rose or yellow gold at the market price.Layaway available., 7mm

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