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grey, Ring Thitian Pearl Aquamarine



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This unique ring is a very harmonious creation due to its shape and color composition.The soft shimmer of the gray Tahitian pearl stands in a noble contrast to the flawless1.69 carat aquamarine with brilliant cut.The aquamarine is almost imperceptibly pale blue.The ring rail 750 iger gold rail has been decorated at the top of the open ends with the stone and the pearl, they face each other laterally, (see pictures).The pearl lies in a wavy pearl shell with pinning.The stone is worked in a simple frame version.Material: 750 gold with red shimmer1 Tahitian pearl gray diameter 14 mm1 aquamarine 1.69 carat diameter 9 mmRing size: 52 - 53Weight: 8.6 gramsThe ring rail is 2.3 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick, ring

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