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Tiger eye ball necklace from the Switch it K Just be collection, highly modern real tiger eye necklace large polished balls me large gold shimmer, hand-knotted on gold silk thread at the ends each a real silver carabiner 24k gilded, sigantur of the Switch it collection. Here you can click in different Switch it Castle variants as in the photo, here a wonderful real big bluete from Onyx and a classy casual gag lock with life tree Muenze. The two beautiful castle of Einhaenger are handmade in sterling silver and 24k is really gilded. The bluete is very nobly grasped and of very good quality and beautiful size, finely polished and the raender of the versions are finely fluted, wide fine version. The bluete spreads a noble glamour and harmony with the gold and brew shine of the fine necklace.The elegant gag lock gives the necklace a casual elegant look and the Muenze attracts attention.There are other cutters such as a pearl, smoke quartz etc, which always changes the chain to the occasion. All of our jewellery studans are handmade.Description:Brand: TOM K.Item: Real tiger eye necklace with set from 2 Switch it lock ice hengerDelivery: 1 necklace, 1 onyx bluete, 1 gag lockMaterial: Tiger's eye, onyx bluete, sterling silver, 24 K gildingProcessing: HandmadeSize: Laenge of the chain about 45 cm plus single-haenger.More Switch it Him on request. Every time a new chain ... always a new look.More information or products can be found on request.Wholesale prices on request. Minimum acceptance per Article 4 Stucco.For foreign orders, there may be customs clearance in the recipient country, customs dues and taxes are not included in the purchase price and are not our responsibility.Please contact our customer service for any questions you may have.Thank you very much.

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