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chunky bracelet, Brilliant Blue Beaded Boho Bracelet With Agate



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Crazy lace agate in a brilliant shade of blue is strikingly pretty on this beaded boho bracelet. Little brass coin shaped charms jingle softly with movement and glass pearl beads give silky contrast. This exotic looking handmade piece consists of three layers as one, and has lots of texture and dimension.The sky blue agate beads are a puffed coin shape and have remarkable striations of color and veining. (These 'crazy lace' agate stones are dyed/enhanced, and I tested them for colorfastness with a water based jewelry cleaner.) I matched the stones with faceted crystal and glass in shades of deep aqua and turquoise blue. Also in the mix are two-toned copper finished crystals, off-white glass pearls, and ornate brass beads.One line is a chain of glass pearl beads, and one is a textured brass chain. The third layer is a beaded line of nylon coated jewelry wire, crimped securely at the ends. All the "baubles" and charms were hand rolled by me and arranged in a balanced, although seemingly random, schematic.This bracelet fastens with a brass lobster claw clasp and is adjustable anywhere between 7 and 9.5 inches., bohemian bracelet

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