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mixed greens, Olive Green Cuff Bangle Bracelet Beaded With Jasper And Moss Agate



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This bohemian style cuff bangle bracelet is woven with polished stones of green line jasper and moss agate. The earthy shades of olive, mint, and forest green in the gemstones are matched by beads of glass, wood, and faceted, fire polished crystal. The misty green round bead that sits in the center is the jasper. It is the only stone amongst the lot of green-line jasper I have that did not have the fine striations of color running through it, for which the stone is named. The milky sage green color has a mystical, stormy look that I find beautiful.I wove all the beads around a bracelet-shaped frame, using a fine, coated copper wire. I used blue-gray, pine, olive, and smoke colored seed beads. The focal beads are satin-finish glass, wood, and fire polished crystal beads with facets that make them sparkle in the light. The left and right sides of the cuff bracelet are each studded with three beads of moss agate. The agate beads feature beautiful, mottled patterns of green, blue and gray that tie wonderfully into the colors of the other beads.The cuff is about 1and 1/3 inches wide, and the center focal bead is 1 inch in diameter.This bracelet will fit wrist sizes from 6 inches up to 8 inches. On a 6 inch wrist it is very loose but stays on. On a 7 inch wrist it's perfect. On an 8 inch wrist it fits without turning round and round on its own. Either way, it bends easily to tighten or loosen a bit., jasper

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