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stripes, Blue Skies and Silver Lining Raindrop Earrings



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Earrings are faux leather with a white & metallic silver striped bottom layer that measures 1.79"h by 1.4"w and a top layer of glittery blue and black grid faux leather that measures 1.55"h by 1.18"w. Earrings are attached to silver colored earring hooks, are nickel-free, and have plastic earring backs.**Note: Please be aware that pattern placement may vary. There also may be a slight variation in shade & color due to the monitor you are viewing the picture on. Also, all glittered, mirrored, and "metallic" colored faux leather pieces are hand cut by myself and may have very, very, VERY minute imperfections on edges where they have been cut because I'm human :), white

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